Radio Restomod

Meet Frank

Frank is a Philco Model 42-380 reborn into a multi-media swiss army knife. He came to us as an empty cabinet with only a plastic trim plate remaining that was cracked and warped by the sun. We stripped him down and rebuilt him. But instead of doing a subtle upgrade like our other units, we decided to take this opportunity to go beyond and show what a modern version of the living room radio would look like.

So we added a 13” LCD screen to the front panel, a video board that has digital and analog video inputs, a USB media player, and IR remote, a 30Wx2 audio amp with bluetooth, new MB Quart coaxial speakers and a Raspberry Pi Zero computer with wi-fi. This opens up many possible uses for Frank including but not limited to; a jukebox, a retro gaming console, a web browser, or a second computer monitor. There's a shelf inside that could hold a blu-ray player or game system. We replaced the front middle panel with a walnut veneered piece that houses the main volume control, power and bluetooth LEDs and buttons to control the LCD screen also made from walnut. Frank is a monster in a small package.