Radio Restomod


Sanford was rescued from a junkyard (literally). We found him outdoors on a wooden pallet, weather worn but still structurally sound. He's a Philco Model 38-4 that was manufactured in 1937. Sanford sports a large round tuning dial with brass trim and much of the original radio circuitry inside is still intact , but is now just for looks.

To bring him back to life, we removed his power transformer to install a new amplifier and Bluetooth radio in it's place, and placed a 1/8” aux in jack in one of the former antenna posts. Installed as inconspicuously as possible but still allows access to the connections for service or upgrading later. This gives Sanford modern functionality while still maintaining his original look.

In service to that end, we've replaced the original “Chevron V” speaker cloth with a faithful reproduction, completely stripped and relacquered his cabinet in the original style, and retained the original on-off switch. Other new upgrades include MB Quart speakers, a green backlight for the tuning dial, and a jewel lamp in the center that indicates Bluetooth pairing.